Khadaver – Beta Version (2008)


Khadaver is a 3 piece band from the Slovak republic and they bring us a very solid self produced demo EP. The band plays an interesting blend of Industrial metal. I say it’s a blend because they fuse traditional Industrial elements with some Black metal and Electro elements. The whole EP is very diverse and showcases the bands creativity in writing songs.

“Beta Version” features 5 songs that are different from each other. This creates a very interesting EP that is enjoyable even if you don’t like one song. The overall sound of the band, in my opinion, is still to be defined, but this does not mean that their ideas are bad. By mixing and adding different elements you can hear that the band is trying to see what works in order for them to define their own sound.

The drum machine in this release is perfectly laid out, not over used and it nicely complements the music. The use of electro parts is very well mixed, creating a very nice ratio of metal to electro parts. The harsh black metal style vocals are good enough to complement the bizarre atmosphere created by the music. Some similarities to The Kovenant come to mind when listening to the album, but Khadaver has more electro elements in their music.

The whole cyber theme of the band is very well expressed in their music and lyrics. I think the only weak point of this release is that the production quality can be improved. However “Beta Version” is still a very listenable release that features interesting music from a band that can only get better.

Band: Khadaver Demo: Beta Version
Label: Self Released Year: 2008
Official Site myspace
Genre: Industrial Metal

Country: Slovak Republic

Rating: 89/100

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