Wall of the Eyeless – Through Emptiness (2011)


Delivering their first demo “Through Emptiness”, today we have the incredible Swedish/Russian collaboration named Wall of the Eyeless. Mixing Death Metal with some Doom and melodic passages, this two-person band delivers quite an interesting release. With four tracks covering around 24 minutes of music, this demo is one of the most promising ones we have received in quite a while.

Opening with “The Hands”, the band starts with a very typical Death Metal piece that features a few hints of melodic sections at first, and then it explodes into an excellent Doom-ish atmospheric section after the 3:30 mark. We love that the production is a bit raw and it allows the guitars to sound very crunchy. Things open in a more melodic fashion in “Do We Belong Here?”, a track that is more dramatic and quite crushing. The vocals are pretty solid, and the acoustic passages in this track are excellently crafted.

With a more progressive vibe, “Wall of the Eyeless” delivers excellent guitar riffs and very interesting tempo changes that keep things interesting. The band up to this point has reminded us of the great Sculptured and their very multi-faceted sound. The overall depressive mood continues with the very bleak “The Rain Song”. This song has an excellent atmosphere and very well crafted guitar work. The drumming is pretty solid, but the overall transition of the song is what makes it memorable. Shifting from aggressive to very passive sections, this track is full of surprises indeed.

Overall, we think that Wall of the Eyeless is a band to keep an ear out for. The band’s music is very well crafted and touches many different genres and influences with great respect and develops its own sound. If you are looking for something melodic, melancholic, and with growls, this is the album for you.

Band: Wall of the Eyeless Album: Through Emptiness
Label: Self-Released

Release: December 31st, 2011

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Doom Metal

Country: Russia / Sweden

Rating: 89/100

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