Shakra – Everest (2009)


Shakra brings us their rock influenced heavy metal from Switzerland. “Everest” marks their 7th full length release, and you can hear that in the quality of their music. This album contains 13 tracks of pretty solid rock/heavy metal that will surely please the followers of this band, and that will appeal fans of the genre of music.

The bands sound is pretty well defined since their previous releases and in “Everest” they just keep going with it. I don’t have anything against bands that have a good sound and they just refine it in a natural way release after release. However in my opinion after 4-5 songs through this album I was getting a déjà-vu feeling that I’ve heard that before. I don’t say that this is something bad, but for me at least, it’s a problem in some releases.

The guitarists of the band provide good hard rock melodies, with the occasional guitar solos. The drums mark a very linear pace to the music that when it’s well executed it sounds great, but after a while it gets a bit dull. The vocalist provides a nice range between traditional heavy metal vocals, and some more ‘raspier’ hard rock vocals. This creates very nice blend that fits the overall sound of the band. The overall production of this album is very good and everything sounds just right in place.

I have to say that this album is very good, however, sometimes (for me) it get’s linear and dull, but when I listen to it in intervals for 3-4 songs at a time it’s perfect. Any heavy metal fan would appreciate this solid release. For me, I just need to pace my self while listening to this album.

Band: Shakra Album: Everest
Label: AFM Records

Release: April 17, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Heavy Metal / Rock

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 86/100

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