Mortillery – Murder Death Kill (2012)


Delivering high-intensity old-school Thrash Metal, today we have Canada’s latest export Mortillery and their debut album “Murder Death Kill”. As a full package that includes the typical Thrash Metal outfit, Mortillery is one of those bands that try to keep the past alive with some kickass songs featuring excellent musical abilities.

Reminding us of Kreator with the excellent opener “Murder Death Kill”, this Canadians start their release with a huge bang. It is ridiculous to think that this band formed in 2009 and they are this good already. The track delivers awesome guitar skills paired with very crunchy drums. The girl on bass guitar also does a great job in keeping things bounded together with the pulsating bass line. Filled with catchy riffs and even better solos, “Sacrifice”, “Evil Remains”, and “Fritzls Cellar” further cement the band’s old-school roots and provide great headbanging passages.

The vocals are usually something that kills us in Thrash Metal releases, but Cara McCutchen (yes a female as well) keeps thing in the correct pitch to be piercing, but not annoying. If you didn’t read that the singer was female, you would have never guessed (we went over the album 5 times before noticing thing). A perfect example of Cara’s amazing range is “Without Weapons”. Hyper-fast tracks like “Despised By Blood” and our favorite “Mortal Artillery”, make this release quite engaging and entertaining to listen to since every song is quite different from each other.

With the current Thrash revival, it is nice to hear a NEW band coming into the scene and delivering such an excellent release. “Murder Death Kill” will surely make it to many top 10 Thrash Metal albums of the year lists, and with more than enough justification. Every track in this album is an old-school Thrash Metal experience and fans of the genre should not miss out on it.

Band: Mortillery Album: Murder Death Kill
Label: Napalm Records

Release: July 10th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 88/100

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