Doro – Fear No Evil (2009)


“Fear No Evil” is Doro’s latest release after 25 years if doing music. If you are a metal head and you don’t know who Doro is, I would suggest you start listening to a different type of music, or at least do your homework. Doro’s latest album is a very good one indeed. While I have to agree that Heavy Metal has never been one of my favorite genres, I recognize and accept a good release when I hear one. “Fear No Evil” is full of heavy metal ballads and great songs.

I’m impressed on Doro’s ability of maintaining her characteristic voice through the years, and it’s still at it’s finest in “Fear No Evil”. Backed by an all-star lineup of musicians, all the tracks in this album are great capturing her signature sound during all these years. I can’t find a weak song in this album after listening to it for several times.

Another interesting note of this album is the versatility of Doro highlighted by different songs, like in “Herzblut” where she sings in a more metal ballad style. Or in “I Lay My Head Upon My Sword” where she sings in a traditional Heavy Metal way. This album contains several tracks that would satisfy fans of either style. “25 Years” I think is one of the best songs of the album since it self described her trajectory in Music.

“Fear No Evil” has been one of the most complete albums I have reviewed this year, and this album will establish that Doro is truly the metal queen.

Band: Doro Album: Fear No Evil
Label: AFM Records

Release: June 2, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Heavy Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 90/100

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