Magica – Wolves & Witches (2009)


Magica is a Romanian band that has been around since 2002. With 4 releases under their belt, their latest album “Wolves & Witches” provides us with some mature and fresh sounding Gothic Metal. While this genre is full of good bands and great releases, it’s difficult to find albums (and bands) that stand out from the rest. However “Wolves & Witches” is one of them.

This band’s sound is more focused on the ‘Metal’ aspect of gothic metal. While they have the traditional female vocals, their sound does not over use keyboards/synthesizers like many other bands. Magica’s angelic vocals are overlaid on perfectly constructed musical foundation provided by the guitar and drum lines. Like I mentioned before the keyboard is not abused, and you can still enjoy it as a complement to the music in the songs, but it’s not a vital part of the music. As a bonus, there are good solos in the songs (guitar and keyboard) breaking the pattern of them and adding diversity to the music.

I have no complaints about this album, other than I wanted more songs (51 minutes of music!), I will be adding this album to my regular play list of Gothic Metal music, and will be waiting for the band’s future releases. If you want Gothic Metal that is actually Metal, you should definitely checkout this release.

Band: Magica Album: Wolves & Witches
Label: AFM Records

Release: April 7, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Gothic Metal

Country: Romania

Rating: 88/100

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