The Horn – Volume Ten (2012)


With a very interesting thematically concept revolving around setting the Egyptian book of the dead through some very disturbing music, the one man project The Horn delivers “Volume Ten”. Claiming to play “Pure Ancient Occult Egyptian Space Metal”, this musician delivers 14 tracks of brutal and weird music that are not for everybody, but some might enjoy due to its combination of Black Metal with Noise and Ambient/Drone elements.

When it comes to originality we must say that we haven’t quite heard anything as disruptive as The Horn in this “Volume Ten” release. Unleashing a wall of sound in the intro “The Portal Opens”, the truly decadent reality of The Horn’s musical destruction is first felt on “Spell 165”. With a raw-as-fuck approach to Metal, this track is a beast when it comes to raw brutality and devastation. Some industrial elements are made present in the hypnotic “Spell 124”, making this band quite unpredictable at first glance.

Ritualistic elements can be heard in tracks like “Spell 66” and “Spell 124” among others, and some Middle-eastern/oriental hints are found here and there giving the music much more depth than one would expect. Once you get over the initial shock value that The Horn offers, the album does become a bit linear (but not predictable). Exploiting crushing guitar sounds and deranged vocals only gets you so far, and by track six, you can figure this one out.

Moving into a more ‘Funeral Doom’ approach to things, “Spell 119” is one of our favorite songs thanks to the slow and painful composition reminding us of Shape of Despair and similar bands. Similar things could be said about the monolith tracks “Spell 53” and “Spell 93”. Closing with some hellish vocals embedded into powerful guitars and an intoxicating bass guitar line.

Overall, while not for everybody, “Volume Ten” delivers and interesting release that has very disturbing tracks on it. The Horn is a pretty solid project and with better production values and maybe more members, it would be 100% better and more destructive. “Volume Ten” is totally recommended if you like weird and powerful releases with a very crushing sound.

Band: The Horn Album: Volume Ten
Label:Shaytan Productions

Release: January 2nd, 2012

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Pure Ancient Occult Egyptian Space Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 86/100

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