Ektomorf - What Doesn't Kill Me... (2009)


Three years have passed since Ektomorf’s last album “Outcast” and these Hungarians are back with “What Dosen’t Kill Me..”. This release is a nice continuation of Ektomorf’s music. The band continues to play their characteristic old school Trash Metal with a touch of Groove Metal. While the band continues with their traditional sound, this album provides us with very good songs that never get old.

The album production is top notch highlighting the bands sound. The pounding guitar sound will keep you head banging throughout the whole album. The vocals are well suited for the aggressiveness of the music.  The 13 tracks of this album are enough to keep the listener engaged and not get tired, since the guitar sound for most songs is very similar.

In general this is a pretty solid release for Ektomorf. Satisfying old fans, and probably grabbing new fans that are sick and tired of the ‘new Trash/Groove Metal’ bands that sound more like Metalcore or other genres. I definitely recommend this album for Trash/Groove Metal fans.

Band: Ektomorf Album: What Doesn't Kill Me...
Label: AFM Records

Release: April 21,2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Trash Metal

Country: Hungary

Rating: 86/100

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