Umbah – Enter the Dagobah Core (2012)


Umbah is one of those bands that sounds like a bunch of meth heads playing around with instruments and samples, but funny enough some of ‘their’ stuff is actually enjoyable. “Enter the Dagobah Core” marks the band’s 13th release and it surely is a very weird and chaotic one. We can’t really say it’s bad because it actually has plenty of sections that are quite entertaining and interesting to listen to, but we can’t really say is also something that mainstream music listeners will enjoy.

“Whispers of a Dying Sun part I” delivers a pretty clear statement of what is to come: either open your mind of fuck off. This song is quite convoluted and crazy, but underneath the madness there is some weird sense of melody that intrigued us (enough to keep listening). “Bolderok Naron” and “Tample Bar” have a hint of Marilyn Manson meets Merzbow meets video game music, quite disturbing but equally intoxicating.

Going throw some very weird and unconventional songs “Dr. Geiger”, “Enter The Dagobah Core”, “Hypnotic Implant” and “Cosmic Garland” feel more ‘cracked out’ than normal. There are tons of weird samples, pummeling riffs, shrieks, clean electro-pop like vocals, and countless other different things that make each song quite unique.

The industrial influences are quite present in tracks like “Mad Zu Chong” and “Serokate Fornion” making them a bit more accessible for everybody else, but they are still quite different a totally random at times. The clean vocals on songs like “Whispers of a Dying Sun part II”, are quite a shock for a release like this, but then again, it is Umbah we are talking about.

Trying to understand a band like Umbah is probably impossible, however some of ‘their’ (one man project band) music is actually quite original and interesting to listen to. Many ideas come and fly and some not so popular ones are the ones that stick the longest. Cal Scott is a talented guitar player and has some good idea here and there, but feels like everything revolves around his head quite quickly and the creation of something fully cohesive is quite impossible… or then again it is just Umbah’s traditional style.

Band: Umbah Album: Enter the Dagobah Core
Label: I, Voidhanger Records

Release: February 2012

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Experimental Industrial Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 82/100

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