Et Moriemur – Cupio Disolvi (2011)


Keeping the quality Death/Doom Metal flag alive, today we have Et Moriemur and their debut full-length “Cupio Disolvi”. This Czech band delivers nine melancholic tracks that narrate nine different stories of people that took their own life. With the band’s highly melancholic and emotional sound, “Cupio Disolvi” not only transmits depressive feelings via the lyrics, but also with such beautifully crafted emotional music.

“Deliverance” opens this release with a slight folk edge that feels a bit weird for the concept of the release, but the song soon starts warming up. The growls are great and the overall pace of this song is very well crafted to provide an interesting ride. With 2 minutes remaining on the track, the band goes into a passage that reminded us a bit of Lacrimosa but with manlier clean vocals and some excellent Doom weeping guitars.

The truly depressive stuff starts with the track “Deep”, a piece very reminiscent of old Saturnus. The combination of the clean vocals with growls is done to perfection and it fits the constant tempo changes in this song. The classical elements in this track are top notch and make this song even more majestic and enjoyable. The same applies to the chilling track “Insatiable Wrath” and its amazing strings section near the middle of the song. Et Moriemur is excellent at creating super dark and depressive atmospheres, just exactly what we look for when listening to bands from the genre.

Going a bit more aggressive, “Cupio Disolvi” features some excellent BM-styled screams and powerful guitar riffs. The pulsating bass guitar line is also very well crafted for this song and the drumming is just magical. The weeping guitars keep working their magic in this track and if by this moment you are not extremely into this release, go back and listen to your Black Dahlia Murder CD’s and leave such a gem alone.

The My Dying Bride worship is immediately present with the opening riff of “The Cross and The Rose”. The riffing in this track and on “Vanity In Vain” has a more traditional Death/Doom vibe, and we totally dig how the band keeps changing things in songs to allow the album to flow properly, but never getting out of context. Closing this release we have the very slow and punishing “The Last Poem”, and the bonus track “Zal” that has a more Neo-Folk feeling, similar to some of the more experimental Saturnus songs.

With such a great release it is impossible to pick any favorite songs, so we have to recommend all of them and their little elements that make them different. Et Moriemur have managed to craft a very melancholic and depressive release that goes perfectly with the lyrical content. If you are a fan of bands like Desire, Saturnus, Shape of Despair and such, “Cupio Disolvi” is one of those releases that will become a genre classic in a few years, so better get your copy right now. Also, the creepy dolls on the cover and album art are chilling enough to make this CD a worthwhile purchase.

Band: Et Moriemur Album: Cupio Disolvi
Label: Pařát Magazine

Release: October 27th, 2011

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Death/Doom Metal

Country: Czech Republic

Rating: 92/100

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