Demoncy – Enthroned is the Night (2012)


As a new entry in our “raw as fuck” category, today we have Demoncy and their latest release “Enthroned is the Night”. As the band’s first full-length release in almost 9 years, we get 40 minutes of soul crushing Black Metal that is very raw and demonic in nature. This one man Black Metal machine does a great job in delivers a think atmosphere that will unsettle even the most devote fans of the genre.

Opening with an intro that reminded us of the movie “Event Horizon”, the band fully explodes with “Winds of Plague”. In this hectic ritual, Demoncy immediately established its riffing power and thanks to the hellish vocals, this song (and release) sounds as inhuman as you can get. The album’s production actually gives the band that raw and lo-fi sound that many BM bands look for, but it does not keep the listener from enjoying this album. Pummeling through tracks like “Unclean Spirits”, “Into the Twilight Mists”, and “Opening the Lunar Bloodgate”, Demoncy does a great job in writing simple songs that pack enough aggression and rawness to please any fan of the genre.

After the mid-album atmospheric track “The Temple of Shadows”, “Enthroned Is The Night” is a very cool song with a solid bass guitar line and effective riffs. At times the sound in this release reminds us of the early Sepultura stuff. The atmospheric elements of “Black Millennia” make this our favorite track of this album since has a different opening section and it nicely morphs into full-blown chaos. The overall drumming is very good and in this track you can hear it a bit better than before.

“Enthroned is the Night” is a pretty solid release from this one-man Black Metal outfit, it delivers plenty of well-constructed tracks that will please any fan of the genre. While we think the release is a bit repetitive, 9 out of 10 albums we get with a similar approach to BM have the same issue, so we believe that fans of the band will have no issue with this. If you are looking for something powerful and don’t mind the repetitiveness, Demoncy’s “Enthroned is the Night” is the release for you, so be sure to pick it up from Forever Plagued Records.

Band: Demoncy Album: Enthroned is the Night
Label: Forever Plagued Records

Release: March 2012

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 85/100

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