Spawn of Possession – Incurso (2012)


If brutality and technical wizardry are your things, Spawn of Possession’s latest release “Incurso” is just what the doctor ordered. With the technical skills of Christian Müenzner of Obscura (and ex-Necrophagist) on guitars, Erlend Caspersen (ex-Blood Red Throne) on bass, the band has a very impressive roster complemented by their other guitar player Jonas Bryssling and their super fast drummer Henrik Schönström.

Being huge fans of Obscura, we can definitely hear some influences of them in this release, but Spawn of Possession is more brutal and in some places even faster. This collection of musicians have managed to craft one of the most technically impressive (and very melodic) set of songs we have ever heard, and we can’t wait to be able to see them live.

Warming up with “Abodement”, the band kicks into full gear with the hectic “Where Angels Go Demons Follow”. With drums blazing, this track sets the pace for a furiously aggressive release that while being as technically possible (at least for humans) has the traditional Death Metal sound but with a fancier ‘backdrop’. The riffing machine continues pummeling through tracks like “Bodiless Sleeper”, the 10-minute epic “The Evangelist”, and “Servitude of Souls”. All of these songs seem to fuse together and you will not even realize that a good chunk of the album has already passed, due to the extreme enjoyment of the little intricate elements of said tracks.

On “Deus Avertat” and “Spiritual Deception” we get a taste of what would Cannibal Corpse would sound it they took a bunch of meth and started jamming non-stops and as fast as they could. The Death worship is present throughout this release, but on “Spiritual Deception” we felt it even more. Closing the album with the dramatic “Appartion”, the band makes use of a very powerful intro and a melodic opening to showcase a less hyper-fast approach to things and show they can slow down a bit and still kick ass.

Overall, any fan of Technical Death Metal will surely be amazed by the quality of the music presented by Spawn of Possesion in “Incurso”. Heavily focusing on the melodic and aggressive side of things, the band never losses the main objective of making good music, WHILE playing an absurd amount of notes per minute. If you are a fan of Obscura, Decrepit Birth, (older) Decapitated, and the timeless Death, “Incurso” is a release you should definitely check out.

Band: Spawn of Possession Album: Incurso
Label: Relapse Records

Release: March 13th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Technical Death Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 91/100

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