Medicated – Ways to Make You Fall (2010)


It is very interesting to receive albums made in 2010 (for 2010) nowadays and to notice the slight differences in the genres and how they have evolved since then. Today we have Finland’s Medicated and their Melodic Death Metal EP titled “Ways to Make You Fall”. In this four song release we can nicely notice how Melodic Death Metal was highly influenced by bands like Scar Symmetry and older Amoral, but since then it has kind of switched into a more clean vocal harmony driven genre.

In “Ways to Make You Fall”, the band delivers a hefty amount of harsh screams paired with melodic and catchy chorus sections, just exactly like Scar Symmetry and similar bands where doing back then. The band has a very strong core and the guitarists deliver excellent riffs and melodic sections that sound like they come from any ‘big name’ band. The opener “Ways to Make You Fall” delivers a hectic pace with catchy riffing. The super catchy chorus section is very well crafted and immediately has you headbanging to it, thus achieving what any good Melodic DM song has to do.

“God Hates You” starts off a bit more aggressive than the opening track and features very nice drumming. The song goes by without anything special, but is still a pretty decent track. “Arrogance” delivers even more catchy chorus sections and a very solid combination of clean/harsh vocals. The pounding bass guitar in this track is excellent and the solos are also pretty effective. We have to say that this track is one of the best in this release.

Our favorite track of this release is the closer “Faith No More”. The guitars are excellent, the vocals are pretty well crafted and the overall mood is very melodic and powerful. The atmospheric elements near the end of this track are amazing and we wish the band would have included more of this in the EP, but we can only hope for this in future releases. It is also worth noting that the vocalist of the band is none other than the current Norther vocalist and ex-Imperanon.

If you are looking for Finish Melodic Death Metal, you should definitely try to get this very well crafted EP. The band has great musical potential and the songs in this release are great proof. We hope that they stay together and that their vocalist decides to continue with this band and keeps providing them with great vocal sections in the future.

Band: Medicated Album: Ways to Make You Fall
Label: Self-released

Release: August 15th, 2010

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 88/100

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