Al-Namrood – Estorat Taghoot (2010)


With a huge improvement in the band’s sound and skill-level, today we have Al-Namrood and their second full-length release “Estorat Taghoot”. In this album the band nicely capitalizes on their ethnical sound and delivers a crushing Black Metal album with nice atmospheric elements. Greatly improving over “Astfhl Al Tha'r”, the band produces 11 aural attacks that are merciless and very devastating with nice brushstrokes of Ethical elements here and there.

After the opener atmospheric track “Arousal at Nebuchadnezzar Fortress”, the sound get’s dark and hellish with “Junood Al Amajaad”. The vocals are demonic and the production is a bit fuzzy letting the Metal sections be more raw and effective. The drumming is considerably better than in their previous release and the guitar work is more hectic and raw. The crazy atmospheric keyboards are back and on tracks like “Estorat Taghoot” they add a certain level of chaos to the already chaotic guitars and drumming.

With it’s experimental opening, “Ma Kan Mn AlDhr Mundthera” delivers waves of excellent Black Metal riffs with thick vocals that sound out of this world. The slow-down sections of songs like “Endma Tuqsaf Al Ru’os” when combined with the harsh brutality of the Black Metal side of things, allows the band to sound a bit like Melechesh in their earlier albums. There are also pieces that have some Doom elements like “Wata’a Bakhtanasar”, which nicely change the flow of the album.

Nearing the end of this release, the band unleashes a powerful assault with the hectic “Laylat Ghabra’a”, and our favorite “Asda’ Al Dmar”. In this track the band slowdowns considerably and creates a very epic atmosphere while pounding away at the bass guitar and building up for some very powerful passages. Just before hitting the re-play button again, the instrumental “Ajal Babel” gives you a little more of the dark atmosphere that this band is so excellent in creating.

As a considerable improvement over their last release, “Estorat Taghoot” shows how this band is maturing in the right direction. The band takes advantage of their ethnical roots and creates very unique sounding and dark music. The rawness combined with the atmosphere is just outstanding and will surely haunt any fan of Melechesh and similar bands. Very recommendable, so go to the band’s label website and get your copy.

Band: Al-Namrood Album: Estorat Taghoot
Label: Shaytan Productions

Release: April 26th, 2010

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Ethnic Black Metal

Country: Saudi Arabia

Rating: 89/100

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