Kalki Avatara - Mantra for the End of Times (2009)


With a truly unique sound that borders around chaotic or plain genius, Klaki Avatara delivers four tracks of very solid Folk/Symphonic Metal. Multi-instrumentalist Hell:I0:Kabbalus from Aborym fame manages to craft very interesting tracks in this fine EP titled “Mantra for the End of Times”. During this album the mood changes from ethereal choirs to crazy aggressive parts and deranged vocals.

Seemingly random, the music in this release is executed to perfection in order to create a very chaotic feeling that many bands fail miserably at, but Kalki Avatara pulls-off graciously. Opening with “Mankind Collapses”, this door serves as a perfect introduction to the crazy world of the band. The over the top keyboards paired with the insane vocals and the aggressive riffs make this song very similar to creations of such bands like Transcending Bizarre? and such.

Moving into darker and trippier territories, the dramatic “Ruins of Kali-Yuga” provide a more ritualistic approach to things. The vocals keep being one of the best elements of this release and the occasional keyboards provide that extra element of surprise into the song. Even the jazzy section at the end of the track somehow feels that is fits just right into the grand scheme of things. Opening with more Middle Eastern elements, the ethereal “Purification” song has a nice folk edge that is greatly contrasted by the orchestrations and choir track. But make no mistake; Kalki Avatara still puts some distorted riffs into the mix adding that much needed Metal feeling to this song.

The closing track “Awaiting the Golden Age” has that hypnotic sound that Nile usually uses on their Egyptian-themed releases that just makes the atmosphere totally bone-chilling. If you are not convinced that Hell:I0:Kabbalus is a genius by this point, you should probably get back to listening to your precious Mallcore and let the true music lovers enjoy this album fully.

Band: Kalki Avatara Album: Mantra for the End of Times
Label: Shaytan Productions

Release: January 20th, 2009

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Folk/Symphonic Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 85/100

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