Streams of Blood – The Descent of the Source of Disorder (2011)


Hitting you like a 50 pound bag of bricks, today we have Streams of Blood and their devastating full-length release “The Descent of the Source of Disorder”. Featuring eight tracks of supreme Black Metal blasphemy, this German band is ready to blow you away with their monumental riffing attacks. While not the most original stuff in the scene, each track is guaranteed to pierce through your eardrums.

Wasting no time, “The Sense” quickly delivers guitar assaults and unparalleled brutality. The band nicely resembles Gorgoroth and Horna, but with their own hectic and devastating pace. The drumming is supper fast and the screams are just perfect for this music, not to mention the excellent rhythmical sections. “Deepest Abyss of My Soul”, “Fullmoon Era” and “Chaos Returns” keep up the furious pace with intricate guitar sections and brutal drumming. The crushing riffing is clearly top notch and never seems to get boring.

Our favorite track of this release has to be “New World Order”, a very powerful track that will make your ears bleed. With over five minutes of intensive riffing and bestial drumming, this is one of the best BM tracks we have heard in 2011. Rounding off this mammoth of a release we have “Speak with the Serpents” and “The Punishment”, two equally devastating tracks that have no weak points at all.

The melodically evil “Final Journey” closes this release with another dose of well balanced brutality and melody. The band excels in creating very well crafted songs that nicely flow, something that none of your average run of the mill BM bands can easily achieve.

In general, we love how Streams of Blood have managed to keep the same traditional and tired formula alive by injecting more brutality and excellent riffing/drumming into it. In this release we have no faggy experimentation or deviation of the genre; we only have true brutality and musical devastation through excellent musicianship. If you are in the market for something fast, brutal and well made, look no further and get this excellent release.

Band: Streams of Blood Album: The Descent of the Source of Disorder
Label: Ketzer Records

Release: October 31st, 2011

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 88/100

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