Dark Suns – Orange (2011)


In this 2011 we have been treated to excellent Progressive album so far: Leprous “Bilateral”, White Willow’s “Terminal Twilight” and Dream Theater’s “A Dramatic Turn of Events”, however Dark Suns latest opus “Orange” comes just in time to find its spot between these gems in our top progressive album’s list of the year. After somewhat consolidating their change to Dark Progressive Metal/Rock in their last release “Grave Human Genuine”, the band comes back with a very cohesive and interesting sounding album with “Orange”.

Featuring all the elements of Progressive music we all have grown to love but with a dark and sinister twist, “Orange” delivers 10 tracks of excellently composed tracks that will demand your attention since the first minutes of this release. Opening with the very psychedelic “Toy”, the band quickly delivers crazy keyboards and very effective guitar riffs. The overall atmosphere of this song is very retro and magical. The vocals are excellent since they fit the music just perfectly.

The magical notes keep flowing with tracks like “Eight Quiet Minutes” and “Elephant”. Both of this songs feature nice tempo changes adorned with catchy vocals and very melodic guitar sections. The drumming in this release is very tight and nicely blended in the mix. “Elephant” in particular has a very nice chorus section that will be stuck in your head for quite a while.  With a jazzier edge, “Diamond” delivers a very nice combination of a jazzy bass guitar line and nice piano sections.

Keeping a nice and smooth pace we have “Not Enough Fingers”, a very mysterious and intoxicating instrumental tune that nicely marks the ‘middle’ of this very diverse release. Continuing in a slow and jazzy way, the track “Ghost” features more piano and bass guitar greatness paired with some very melancholic vocals. The crazy falsetto returns in “That Is Why They All Hate You in Hell”, an overall very crazy yet captivating song. Some nice trumpets add a richer sound to “Vespertine”, our favorite track of this release.

Just before closing the album, Dark Suns deliver “Scaleman” and “Antipole”, two very dynamic and action packed songs that clock almost 20 minutes when combined. “Antipole” in particular features a hefty amount of singing styles and powerful guitar riffs. We love this track in the sense that the build-up is excellent and when it all mellows out it leaves a nice feeling of peace and closure that very few albums achieve.

If you are looking for yet another excellent Progressive release this 2011, look no further and get “Orange”. For all fans of the Progressive side of things of Dark Suns, this release will not disappoint you in one bit and will make you love the band even more. The music presented in these 10 tracks is excellent and all the instruments/vocals are exquisitely combined to create very catchy and effective songs.

Band: Dark Suns Album: Orange
Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: November 25th, 2011

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock

Country: Germany

Rating: 91/100

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