Eskeype – Legacy of Truth (2010)


All the way from Switzerland today we have a band called Eskeype (is this pronounced Skype?), and their very catchy mixture of Groove Metal and Thrash Metal with some hints of a few other genres mixed in-between. For 13 tracks the band gives us a very in your face approach with hectic drumming, catchy and powerful riffing and aggressive vocals that will exhaust even the most active mosher from our readers.

Immediately after a very dynamic prologue, the band delivers waves of powerful riffs and aggressive vocals with the first two tracks “The Chronicle’s Origin Part One” and part two. In these two tracks the band quickly demonstrates their ability to craft very catchy guitar sections and pair them with crushing vocals. The melodic passages are excellent and the use of violins (a la Dark Lunacy) is just excellent, giving them a nice Melodic edge to their music.

Our favorite track of this release has to be “A New Beginning” and its Melodic Death Metal approach to things. The band manages to sound like a more dynamic version of Dark Lunacy but with equal riffing power and blasting drums. It is very interesting to listen to songs like this one and then immediately switch to the Thrash/Groove Metal tracks like “Exposure of a Nation”, it seems like there are two bands playing in this CD. While we think the band’s sound is very diverse, it also can be interpreted as being a bit disconnected.

The guitar work and the drums are excellent (and the production behind them as well), and on songs like “”A Night in the Unknown” and “Resurrection for the Ray of Light” you can hear the band firing on all cylinders. The very well crafted “The Death Machine” delivers an almost Grindcore opening with some very well placed violins, and a very melodic closing section. The closer “The Survivors” reminds us again of a Thrash-ier version of Dark Lunacy and immediately has made this CD one of our favorite ones of this month.

In general, we have to say that Eskeype is one of the few unsigned bands that will we will rooting all the way for them to get signed with an important label. Their sound is very well crafted and never gets dull since they combine Melodic sections with Thrash and Groove Metal sections unlike anybody else we have heard. If you are interested in something fresh and aggressive, go over to the band’s site and order this excellent release

Band: Eskeype Album: Legacy of Truth
Label: Self-Released

Release: 2010

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Thrash/Groove/Melodic Metal

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 88/100

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