Grey Waters – Below the Ever Setting Sun (2010)


Coming highly recommended by some of our friends, we finally had time to check out Grey Water’s EP from 2010 titled “Below the Ever Setting Sun” and we were pretty impressed with what we heard. Playing highly emotional Depressive Rock, Grey Waters blow the listener away with soaring vocals and powerful guitars that deliver a very melancholic feeling all through the five songs presented in this release.

After the intro track, “Say Goodbye” immediately reminded us of a modern sounding Decorayah, since the band creates a very powerful atmosphere and the vocals are a bit similar to Decorayah’s dramatic singing. The atmospheric passage in this song that leads to some harsh vocals is perfectly crafted, allowing the song to nicely flow. Next up we have “Below the Ever Setting Sun”, another very effective and melancholic track. This track has some nice Post-Rock/Metal hints that enrich the sound nicely, adding to the overall atmosphere created by the band.

Our favorite track of this release has to be “The Truth in Your Eyes” and its powerful guitar/vocal combination. Having some influences of The Man-Eating Tree, this song is both aggressive and beautiful at the same time. Again, we have the keyboards providing a very subtle but powerful atmosphere that fits perfectly to the vocals. “Broken” closes this release with more soaring vocals paired with excellent guitar riffing, the bass guitar line is also nicely crafted to fit the pace of this song. Harsh vocals make their appearance again in this track, and perfectly contrast the clean vocals and the overall peaceful atmosphere of the track.

If you are looking for a highly emotional release that features very well crafted atmospheric elements and powerful vocals, “Below the Ever Setting Sun” will surely impress you. The music is very well crafted and is soaking with emotions, we particularly recommend this to fans of Gothic Rock and even Post-Rock/Metal since it seems to follow in a similar path.

Band: Grey Waters Album: Below the Ever Setting Sun
Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede

Release: 2010

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Depressive Rock

Country: Australia

Rating: 88/100

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