Lantlôs – Agape (2011)


After releasing the impressive “.Neon” last year, Lantlôs returns with an even better release with “Agape”. In this album, Herbst basically takes apart Post-Black Metal and infuses brilliant instrumental passages and a nihilistic raw energy that creates an even more crushing and beautiful sound than ever before. While at first glance “Agape” might catch you off guard, this release is truly worth your attention to detail and how all elements weave together in a big bleak dark atmospheric could unlike anything heard before from Lantlôs.

The opener “Intrauterin” quickly exposes some Drone-like elements with some Doom influences in its first few minutes. Very similar to Funeral Doom, this makes a very harsh and quick statement about the intensity and rawness of some of the songs to follow. The guitars are heavy and crushing, but they very effectively switch when the instrumental passage kicks in. Having some minor Post-Black metal hints to it, it feels like being pulled out of the water after almost drowning. Just before you think that the song will end quietly, there is another onslaught of harsh vocals and pummeling guitars, very nicely arranged.

In a more traditional fashion, “Bliss” kicks in with Neige’s brilliant harsh vocals and an overall atmosphere that feels a bit more ‘melodic’ but yet crushing enough due to the guitars. As an interesting note, session drummer Felix Wylezik provides a nice drum track that feels a bit more balanced and mature than Herbst’s one in “.neon”. The jazziness we loved about the band’s previous release makes its first appearance in the very relaxing instrumental section at near the end of this track.

Starting in an opposite way, “Bloody Lips and Paper Skin” delivers the instrumental passage in the first minutes and then the harsh section. In this track the overall mood of the song is very uplifting due to the catchy (and somewhat jazzy) guitar riffs paired with a nice bass guitar line. Continuing in a nice ‘lounge’ atmosphere, “You Feel like Memories” delivers a nice paced beginning with a pulsating bass guitar line. There are no vocals in this track, making it a very relaxing piece that flows magically with the rest of the album.

The closing track “Eribo – I Collect the Stars” delivers eight minutes of pure brilliance by mixing together all elements presented in “Agape”. This song is arguably the most ‘Post-Black Metal’ track of the release and the mellow mood paired with the ethereal clean vocals gives it a very nice vibe. Like a chameleon, this song (as well as the album) nicely progresses and morphs from one shape to another. The harsh culmination feels like the most logical and beautiful way to come full cycle in such an exciting release.

‘Agape” clearly shows that Lantlôs is far ahead of all the Post-Black Metal and any other genre bands in the music scene. The band carves their own sound in such an elegant and mature way that is very hard to easily describe the sweetness your ears are listening to. The imagery transmitted by this music is truly haunting and very well elaborated. We thought that the promotional claim behind this album that ‘Post-Black Metal is obsolete’ after this album was farfetched, but it turns out that there can’t be any other more accurate description for such a masterpiece. So be sure to pre-order your copy of this album and be ready to be blown away.

Band: Lantlôs Album: Agape
Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: October 28th, 2011

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Experimental/Post-Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 95/100

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