ICS Vortex – Storm Seeker (2011)


After the ‘departure’ from Dimmu Borgir, acclaimed singer ICS Vortex decided to not go down easily and has finally delivered a very solid ‘solo’ release that capitalizes on his biggest asset: his vocals. However, the music is also top notch since it mixes a wide variety of styles that might catch some people off guard, but with high promise and top notch quality.

Playing all instruments in the album except the drums (courtesy of none other than Asgeir Mickelson), this release is packed with soaring vocals and epic melodic sections. Capturing some of the elements of Borknagar and adding some more psychedelic and progressive brushes, “Storm Seeker” is one of the most diverse albums of 2011.

Opening strongly with “The Blackmobile” and “Odin’s Tree”, Vortex delivers his characteristic vocals with a Progressive Black Metal backdrop featuring a very dominating bass guitar line and intricate drumming. The riffing is also very well crafted and gives a bit of that Borknagar sound we all loved when Vortex was in the band. Things get a bit more experimental with the super catchy toasting song “Skoal!”, a party anthem in a very cool psychedelic way. The catchiest tune in the release comes under the name “Dogsmacked”, a very entertaining song with some sick riffing and effective bass guitar line. Delivering more Vortex trademark vocal melodies with a flair for psychedelic elements we have “Aces”, “Windward”, “When Shuffled Off”, and “Oil in Water”.

The best song of this release is hands-down the album title track and it’s very relaxing atmosphere. Closing the release we have “Flaskeskipper” and the ambient track “The Sub Mariner”. By this point we are truly satisfied with Vortex’s music and can clearly see this band taking on many different shapes and forms in the future, something pretty exciting when it comes to a new release in the horizon.

As many of us expected, ICS Vortex means business and maybe ‘leaving’ Dimmu Borgir is probably the best thing that has happened to him. If you are looking for interesting and exciting music that not necessarily diverges much from Black Metal, look no further and get this very catchy and entertaining release.

Band: ICS Vortex Album: Storm Seeker
Label: Century Media Records

Release: August 19th, 2011

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Progressive/Melodic Metal / Black Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 89/100

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