Mystons – 3 (2011)


Almost one year since the release of the very solid “Alkaem”, Mystons returns with another nine hard-hitting songs that quickly show that their last album’s success was no fluke and they mean serious business. Dropping one band member, Mystons delivers a very powerful album that feels a bit more consolidated than the first one, and is full of catchy riffs and appealing vocals.

Funneling a White Stripes vibe, the album opens with “Mammoth” and “Mourning Sky”, the second song in particular seems to have a very familiar riff that will surely be quickly identified by the listeners. In this two songs you can hear the traditional Mystons sound, but with a bit more of direction. The album’s catchiness continues and with “CrusHer”, we find a very hard-rocking song that immediately sticks in your head.

The mood gets a bit darker (is that really possible?) in “Life in a Tomb”, showcasing Mystons ability to craft songs that continually grow and create tension through them. Immediately we start rocking all out with “Dancing with Demons”, a song that features some nice keyboard and very catchy chorus section. The lyrics are quite entertaining making this song very enjoyable. “Death Pills” has Southern Rock influences and nicely changes the pace of the album.

To close the release we have “Princess of Dark” and “Gathering”, in the first song, the band relies on effective lyrics with a simple song structure that nicely creates a dark and mysterious atmosphere. On “Gathering” we have some more Southern influences with even some Drone-like elements, indeed very interesting since it feels like a song from Earth or even USX.

In less that one year, Mystons has managed to nicely consolidate their sound and deliver a very powerful release. “3” feature nine songs of brilliantly fused elements of Metal, Rock, and alternative music. With such a powerful sound, we are just waiting for this band to catch the attention of a bigger label and get the recognition they deserve.

Band: Mystons Album: 3
Label: Eluccaarts

Release: September 2, 2011

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Metal / Rock / Alternative

Country: Finland

Rating: 89/100

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