Dystrophic – Dystrophic (2010)


Delivering five crushing blows of chaotic Technical Death Metal with Grindcore elements, today we have Dystrophic and their self-titled debut EP. For a new band, the members behind Dystrophic are pretty good at the trade and create very brutal and technical songs that will make your speakers bleed.

Starting with the traditional intro crap, the band fully explodes to full pace with “Total Existence Failure”. The drumming is very well crafted and keeps the pace of this song super hectic and brutal. The guitar riffing is pretty decent and some parts are blazing fast making it very interesting to listen. On “Withering at the Roots” the band kicks-off with a more traditional DM approach and suddenly the pace gets insane.

After a breather song (“Diseased Nebula”), we have three move brutal tracks titled “Cosmological Delusions”, “Behavior in Response to an Unreal Object” and “Instance/Infinite”. Here you can start noticing some repetitive sections, but with the fast pace and brutality of the music it’s pretty standard. Our favorite track is the whirlwind “Behavior in Response to an Unreal Object” and its very solid guitar work. The growls through this release are very deep and inhuman sounding, very similar to the ones of the ex vocalist of Vital Remains and current Godless Rising vocalist: Jeff Gruslin.

In the vein of Domination through Impurity and Godless Rising, Dystrophic is a band to keep an eye out for. The bands sound is very brutal and well balanced, and while somewhat repetitive, it is very effective and punishing. We highly recommend that people into this genre head to the band’s myspace in order to get a copy of this release.

Band: Dystrophic Album: Dystrophic
Label: Unsigned

Release: 2010

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Technical Death Metal/Grindcore

Country: USA

Rating: 85/100

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