Ackros – Promo 2010 (2010)


Today we have here with us a very promising Progressive Death Metal band from Belgium names Ackros, and their short but sweet Promo 2010 four song demo. Boosting powerful and yet intricate guitar work, Ackros is one of the few bands that have submitted promo/demo releases and really have impressed us with the quality of their work.

Opening with “Drop Trip”, at first the band gives you the impression that you are set to review ‘just another’ Death Metal release, but suddenly the guitar work gets interesting and hooks you immediately. While doing nothing completely revolutionary, Ackros does manage to craft pretty nifty guitar sections that keep the songs very engaging and different from each other. “Axis Antiseptia” immediately starts with the progressive influences with some brilliant guitar work paired with nicely timed drumming. The vocals are typical DM growls, and fit very well the mixture of chugging traditional DM section and the progressive elements of the music.

Our favorite song from the album has to be “Revelations” due to the very crafty rhythmical sections. Also the killer solo around the middle of the song contrasts the growls very nicely. This song showcases the band’s abilities to be more melodic in their music while maintaining their aggressive edge. Closing the album “N3” delivers a somewhat more chaotic approach to things with some ‘more brutal’ sections than before but with nice progressive elements mixed in between.

In general, from what we have heard in their Promo 2010, Arckos is a very promising band that has enough skills to blend two genres, sound fresh, and never be dull while doing it. Hopefully this band get’s picked up by some label and enables them to keep making music of this level of quality.

Band: Ackros Album: Promo 2010
Label: Unsigned

Release: June 1st, 2011

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 86/100

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