Peste Noire - L’Ordure à l’État Pur (2011)


Black Metal visionaries Peste Noire have been releasing hit-or-miss albums for the past 10 years and none of them (although good) have impressed us as much as “L’Ordure à l’État Pur”. Carved out of their usual ‘let’s mix everything we can’ approach, this new album reaches new heights when it comes to amazing dissonant passages that at first seem totally random and disconnected.

Fusing elements of Punk, Polka, electronic beats, Shoegaze and everything in between, Peste Noire delivers one hour of pure musical depravity that somehow will sneak into your subconscious and make you appreciate it for what it is. Opening with the super weird “Casse, Pèches, Fractures et Traditions”, we get some typical Black Metal vocals on top of thick and diabolical atmosphere that is generated by precise BM-like riffing and a punishing bass guitar line. Around the 5 minute mark the song just gets plain weird diverging into a polka/ska-ish passage and we totally love this sudden change.

Showcasing electronic elements, “Cochon Carotte et les sœurs Crotte" features and even more decadent atmosphere that is perfect for the song’s faster pace. It is very interesting how the band can shift between a weird combination of elements to a very catchy and dominating sound (again around the 5 minute mark).

Just as “J’avais rêvé du Nord" is starting with some samples of guns being loaded, this song hints that it will be the most spectacular track of this already impressive release. Clocking at 20 minutes, this song has it all: a deranged psycho sexual beat at the beginning, clean guitar passages, enchanting female vocals (courtesy of Audrey Sylvain), Black Metal sections, and amazingly catchy guitar work (around 12 minute mark). 20 minute tracks are very hard to pull off and Peste Noire with their crazy ideas seem to not even break a sweat creating this masterpiece track.

“Sale Famine Von Valfoutre” is probably the most hectic and brutal track of this release, but it does not veer away from the craziness of the first tracks. Near the end, the band switches back and forth from BM to Post-Rock/Shoegaze elements with some Punk thrown into the mix. “La condi hu” marks the ending of this amazing release, but as expected, Peste Noire goes out with a bang. This track nicely blends Shoegaze and Post-Rock/Metal elements with aggressive Black Metal vocals, haunting cellos and clean vocals, something totally insane but perfectly executed.

While the haters are going to hate as always on Pester Noire, we think that “L’Ordure à l’État” is a true masterpiece. DJ Famine and company manage to mix sounds and elements that should not be mixed together in a triumphant manner. While we are sure people will not get this album in its entirety (even us for sure), it is worth more than the occasional listen. If you are looking for something totally out on left field, you should definitely get this impressive album.  

Band: Peste Noire Album: L’Ordure à l’État Pur
Label: Transcendental Creations

Release: June 1st, 2011

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Avant Garde Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 91/100

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