Euphoreon – Euphoreon (2011)


After their very impressive demo “Before the Blackened Sky”, Euphoreon returns with their crushing self-released and self-titled debut album. All fans of (old) Children of Bodom, Moonsorrow, Turisas, and similar should be keeping an eye out for this very well produced album.

Featuring re-vamped versions of the three songs presented in the demo, this new release adds five more tracks of brilliant musicianship and excellent combination of elements that have made the previously mentioned bands very successful. The song “Before the Blackened Sky” shows the wide palette of influences the band has and it also gives a very nice intro of what is to come in this release.

Showcasing guitar wizardry and effective songwriting, “Forever Being” and “Eleventh Heaven” are two great tracks that take the listener in an emotional musical rollercoaster. The use of keyboards gives that epic backdrop to the music that Finish bands so easily creates, and while you would imagine that Euphoreon just rips them off, you will be surprised how well crafted and original the band sounds.

The opening riffing of “Where Dead Skies Dwell” quickly grabs the attention and leads a very well crafted song through several tempo changes and catchy vocals. “From the Netherworld” provides a very majestic and magical feeling just before the powerful riffs attack. The drumming sounds very organic and never overdone, providing a nice guiding light for the remaining instruments to take care of business.

Out of all the unsigned bands we get, Euphoreon is by far one of the ones with the best quality in terms of music writing abilities and musicianship. We would be surprised no label gets impressed by the quality of this band and their very epic music. As a free download, you could not go wrong getting this powerful release.

Band: Euphoreon Album: Euphoreon
Label: Self-Released

Release: 2011

Official Site myspace
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: New Zealand

Rating: 88/100

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