Massive Slavery – Global Enslavement (2010)


Relentless and Brutal are probably the two best words to describe Canada’s Massive Slavery debut album “Global Enslavement”. Featuring inhuman vocals and drumming paired with skillful guitar and bass guitar work, this release is as crushing and technically proficient as you can imagine for a veteran band, which Massive Slavery is not.

Since the opener track “MediAssasiNation”, the band will blow you away with harsh vocals, very brutal drumming and an array of guitar riffs and solos that will make your fingers and hands hurt just by thinking on how to play them. The band specializes in creating hyper-fast songs that feature almost equal amounts of aggressive and melodic sections, creating a perfect harmony between the two of the (e.g. “Shade of Corruption”).

The band goes all out with the opening of the devastating “Global Enslavement”, here we can’t help but wonder what kind of tricks (magical pedals?) the drummer is using to sound as massive as he does. The guitar work again is outstanding featuring some nice tempo changes and cool riffs.

In the more melodic corner, we have “The Denial of Man's Regression”, “Wide Open our Eyes” (our favorite song of the album, reminding us of Swedish Melodic Death/Black Metal), and the ending of “Humanity’s Last Hope…” (a very technically sick track by the way). With such a heavy and intense release the band added a very nice interlude in track six, allowing the listener to catch his breath and get a glass of water or a beer in order to be prepared for the onslaught of riffs and massive drumming to come.

The band closes “Global Enslavement” with the crushing “Generalized Cyberphobia”, a very brutal track indeed. Overall, we have to say that Massive Slavery has a very brutal and engaging sound and while it is not extremely original, the can hold their own against any other big-name band. If you like extremes (both in harshness and technical proficiency) you do not want to miss this powerful release.

Band: Massive Slavery Album: Global Enslavement
Label:Maple Metal

Release: July 26th, 2010

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Melodic Brutal Death Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 86/100

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