Turisas - A Finnish Summer With Turisas (2008)

This DVD does a great job capturing the intensity of this band while performing live. Taking songs from several different perfomances, this DVD will make you want to see this band live. The costumes and stage makeup is great and provides an authentic feeling to this bands music. Century Media also included english subtitles during the performances so we can understand what they are saying (this is one thing that is neglected in many live DVD's that I've seen over the years).

Track List:

1. A Finnish Summer With Turisas - documentary
2. Live Videos:
2.1. Turisas-DVD Festival show setlist and song durations
2.2. As Torches Rise (Live at Ruisrock 2008)
2.3. To Holmgard And Beyond (Live at Nummirock 2008)
2.4. A Portage To The Unknown (Live at Ilosaarirock 2008)
2.5. The Messenger (Live at Wanaja Festival 2008)
2.6. One More (Live at Nummirock 2008)
2.7. In The Court Of Jarisleif (Live at Ruisrock 2008)
2.8. Fields of Gold (Live at Ilosaarirock 2008)
2.9. The Dnieper Rapids (Live at Nummirock 2008)
2.10. The Land of Hope And Glory (Live at Voimasointu Festival 2008)
2.11. Miklagard Overture (Live at Nummirock 2008)
2.12. Sahti-Waari (Live at Ilosaarirock 2008)
2.13. Rasputin (Live at Ruisrock 2008)
2.14. Battle Metal (Live at Nummirock 2008)
2.15. Festival show
3. Rasputin promovideo
4. Bloopers-reel running time
5. 'Battle Metal 2008' - Brand new recording of the band's classic song.

Besides the live performance section, there is a documentary, a promo video for Rasputin, and the bloopers-reel. Focusing on the live performances, you can clearly see that Turisas are profesionals at what they do, and they bring their A game to every performance the have. They bring the feeling of being in a medieval battle to all their fans because of the costumes and war paint (which seems pretty unconfortable at times). The 13 live tracks provide a good representation of their best songs from the discography and they are all performed to perfection.
The violin and achordeon solos and duels are great, providing a nice full performance all of the bands musical elements. The vocalist intensity during the shows is amazing keeping all the crowd going song after song. A feat that is not too difficult provided the energetic nature of the bands music. The sound quality is superb giving the band a more dinamic sound that in their albums

I must say that this DVD will provide fans and occasional listeners a good insight into the band, and will make plenty of people want to see this band live.

Band: Turisas DVD: A Finnish Summer With Turisas
Label: Century Media Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Folk / Symphonic Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 91/100

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