Nightwish – Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places) (2009)

The DVD part of this release, features a documentary about the band on the road during their tour for "Dark Passion Play" and it's a must have for die hard fans of the band since they show an 'inside' look at the band. The documentary features Tuomas point of view for 90% of the time, it would have been nice to have other band members talk more.

Track List:
- Documentary (Dark Passion Play World Tour)
- Video Clips:
01. Amaranth
02. Bye Bye Beautiful
03. The Islander

Anette's participation is the second longest in this documentary, and it serves to clarify rumors about problems inside the band and why she walked off the stage during a concert in Brazil. Other than that this documentary feels kind of empty in my opinion, since like I mentioned before, not all members appear on screen for a considerable amount of time.
The best part of this documentary is the drunken Uno rounds that feature all the male band members having fun. Marco is very funny in these parts of the documentary since you can see him in several stages of being drunk. Other than this you mainly listen to Tuomas talk about different aspects of life in the road.

I would definitely recommend this DVD for fans of the band since it provides a little insight of their touring experience, but If you are looking for live tracks and performances, get the CD only or go to YouTube.

Band: Nightwish DVD: Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places)
Label: Nuclear Blast Year: 2008
Official Site
Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 85/100

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