Death Wolf – Death Wolf (2011)


Formed in 2000 by Marduk guitarist Morgan Hakansson under the name Devils Whorehouse; the band has rebirthed themselves in 2011 into Death Wolf that is a harder, thrashier and more aggressive outfit. While there is still some heavy Glen Danzig influence hanging over, it seems like vocalist Maelstrom has come into his own with more intensity and passion.

The opener “Circle of Abomination” comes ripping in with a combination of thrash and Misfit-style punk. The vocals are gritty and Makko’s guitar riffing is brutal while Hrafn comes in with some complex drum work. A little over a minute in the track slows down to a chugging rhythm with a searing guitar solo in the background. “The Other Hell” opens with a nice melodic riff and is a bit different as far as the tempo goes. I would call this southern doom metal if I had to call it anything. This is one of the tracks where you will hear Maelstrom sound the most like Mr. Danzig.

“Morning Czar Shineth” is thick and chunky with Morgan’s bass line with more Danzig-like vocals. The tempo is heavy with a very gloomy vibe to it. “Sword and Flame” goes back up into a more upbeat tempo with distorted vocals. The riffs and drums are very simple with enough hooks to keep the listener interested. “The Wolfs Pallid Sister” is very grim with gloomy guitar riffs but also rhythmic with a haunting chorus. Maelstrom comes in with cleaner vocals for the atmospheric “Ramsvart” without a hint of Danzig which is nice for a change. The guitar riffs are very steady with nice technical drumming from Hrafn.

“Black Mark” speeds it up again with thrash-like riffs and serious amount of intensity behind Maelstrom’s vocals. “Dawn of Flesh” is probably one of my favorite tracks with just in your face brutality that goes from beginning to end. Bombarding drums, thick bass and shredding guitar. Not a bad way to end an album. Although there is some repetition on this album it’s hard to deny that Death Wolf is an eclectic band. They are still growing and progressing so I suggest that you give this album a few listens before you make your final decision. It is definitely worth your while.

Review by: metalwahine

Band: Death Wolf Album: Death Wolf
Label: Regain Records

Release: May 27th, 2011

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Horror/Death Rock

Country: Sweden

Rating: 95/100

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