Gate Of Sorrow – Enter Through The Gate (2009)


There are only a handful of releases that I truly enjoy every month, and “Enter Through The Gate” is one of them. This Czech band play a great Gothic /Death / Doom Metal, and their album has an impressive quality, musically and production wise. This album features nine powerful tracks that will blow the fans of the genre away.

Behind the luscious keyboards and amazing female vocals, there is a very well defined drum line and distorted guitars that make this release great from beginning to end. After several releases under a different name (Gate) and from what I can read on their site, different musical style changes, they have released one of my favorite albums of this year.

The ‘beauty and the beast’ vocals are never going to get old in my opinion, if they are accompanied by great music. Milada soprano vocals boost with dramaticism and energy this release, and they are perfectly joined with Roman’s grunts and harsh vocals. But the vocals are not the only band strong point the keyboards create the perfect atmosphere to lay them on top.

All songs are pretty well structured and provide a certain theatrical feeling that sets the pace of this release. The drums and guitars make the whole thing come together and blow you away. And while some guitar riffs sound basic, they are quickly complemented with the other instruments not letting this release get boring or dull at any moment.

I’m very impressed with all the songs in this album since each one has it’s own identity, but they showcase the general style of the band. I’ll be amazed if this band can’t find a label after this release. This is a very recommendable album of a promising band.

Band: Gate Of Sorrow Album: Enter Through The Gate
Label: Unsigned Year: 2008
Official Site myspace
Genre: Death / Doom Gothic Metal

Country: Czech Republic

Rating: 92/100

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