Visions Of The Night – Nocturnal Militia (2007)


If you want brutal, you’ll get brutal, if you want blazing fast guitars, you’ll get blazing fast guitars, if you want monstrous drumming, you also get them. All of these elements and more are packed in “Nocturnal Militia”.  This war and occultism inspired outfit from Canada are here to stay and haunt everybody with their album. This album does not lack energy and brutality in any aspect, the production is crystal clear and the music is like a round of AK-47 shots.

While the band style is more death metal oriented they have certain elements of black metal that make it an interesting mix of genres. The twelve tracks on this release are enough to keep moshing the whole time. And you will certainly want more.

The awesomely laid out drum track provides the foundation of this war machine, the double kicks and different rhythm changes add more dynamics to the music. The guitars are blazing fast and provide a traditional Death metal feeling to the music, that is perfectly accompanied by guttural vocals and Black Metal screams.

Don’t think this release is only brutal and linear, they know when to add more melodic passages and bring the speed down a notch, to be latter turned back up ten times faster. The keyboards provide the finishing touches to the overall brutal and occult feeling of the music.

Visions Of The Night have created a very solid release, that even taken them to tour in Japan, so you know that you can expect a brutal and intense album that will make your head explode from too much head banging.

Band: Visions Of The Night Album: Nocturnal Militia
Label: Open Grave Records Year: 2007
Official Site myspace
Genre: Black / Death Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 83/100

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