Disgust – Crucifucked (2008)


Disgust is a Mexican Death metal band that likes to stick to the basics and excel at it. While they are not going to win any awards for originality, they are pretty good at achieving the same sound of Cannibal Corpse with some of the groovyness of Six Feet under. This album provides 35 minutes of pretty good old school death metal that is hard to find in new bands.

The vocals are pretty good since they sound like a mix between George Fisher and Chris Barnes. The guitar work is excellent, typical of a death metal release. And the drumming is also very energetic, but standard for this type of music.
I must say that this band does a pretty decent job at mixing influences from ‘classic’ bands and creating their own sound. But then again, this album does not propose anything new it just combines influences from many great bands. And I must say this works fine for me.

Overall the production of the CD is pretty good, and the music does it’s job of making people mosh and bang their heads. I have no complains about this album, but I do hope this band can define their own musical style and put out releases with similar quality.

Band: Disgust Album: Crucifucked
Label: Self Released Year: 2008
Official Site myspace
Genre: Death Metal

Country: Mexico

Rating: 80/100

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