Pandemonium - Promo 2010 (2010)


As a little taste before the release of their highly anticipated full length “Misanthropy”, Pandemonium has unleashed their 2010 promo with two ‘un-official’ versions of the songs from said album and a few video clips. Packaged in a nice digipack version, this promo will surely generate more expectation after listening how crushing the two ‘advance’ tracks sound.

“Black Forest” gives us a very dense and atmospheric track that showcases brutal drumming sections tightly coupled with dark and desolate Black/Death riffing. The vocals are truly haunting, maintaining a very deep and decadent sound to this song. The overall atmosphere of the track is very effective and features a very good improvement over anything presented in the band’s last album “Hellspawn”.

With “God Delusion”, we have a more guitar oriented track that still maintains a thick atmosphere and delivers a crushing blow to your ears. The rawness of the guitar distortion is very present and when paired with the inhuman vocals it creates an excellent veil of darkness.

These two songs are definitely an excellent preview of the power and rawness we assume that “Misanthropy” will have. The presentation of this promo is also excellent and shows that the band means business when it comes to their music.

As an added bonus in this promo, the band threw in a couple of videos from live performances that showcase their destructive abilities in the live setting. While the camera quality is quite acceptable, some of the audio is a bit muffled and probably wouldn’t make it optimal for a proper DVD release. However, these videos are nice for all fans of the bands that are outside of Poland and want to check them out and their sick stage layout.

Pandemonium’s “Promo 2010” is a great marketing tool to generate more momentum before the release of “Misanthropy”. In the versions of the new songs presented here, we can see the evolution and refinement of the band’s sound. If the new album sounds like the tracks presented here, we are sure it will blow people away.

Band: Pandemonium Album: Promo 2010
Label: Godz ov War Productions

Release: 2010

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Black/Death Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 88/100

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