Ajattara - Noitumaa (2009)


“Noitumaa” is what I image would happen if you take a band to the forest, give them some shrooms and peyote, leave some acoustic instruments lying around, and make them record something. I’m not saying this release is bad, but it’s just very very bizarre. And what might be more bizarre is that I actually enjoyed it (and I was not intoxicated in any way).

The album features nine tracks and it last only 30 minutes, but they are more than enough to take you into an acid trip. The songs that seem more ‘musical oriented’ are probably when the effects of the drugs started to wear off. But all songs have a very raw feeling to them, and the vocals just add more weirdness to the music, since they are somewhat black metal style, with clean vocals and some chorus parts.  The folk guitars just keep adding to the weirdness of this release, but create the perfect drug induced walk in the wood feeling.

I have to admit that this band has created a very unique album that will not be rivaled in years to come. The overall bizarre feeling is very effective and I wouldn’t mind listening to it for more than 30 minutes. If you want something new and very different go and get this album. This is a very hard to describe album that it’s better left for exploration rather than reading about it.

Band: Ajattara Album: Noitumaa
Label: Spinefarm Records Year: 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Avant-Garde

Country: Finland

Rating: 85/100

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