Forgotten Legacy – The Oracle (2009)


Hailing from Pennsylvania, today we have Forgotten Legacy and their 2009 demo “The Oracle”. If you are a fan of old-school American Power/Heavy Metal you will find this release very enjoyable.

Featuring 5 songs, the band quickly gathers momentum with the opening track “2012”. In this song we are treated to very effective riffs and powerful vocals. The production is evidently weak, but this does not diminish the abilities presented by the band. The song is very catchy, the riffs are well crafted and the drumming is very effective.

There is an obvious lacking of a second guitar player, but fans of simple-yet-effective music will be able to over look this fact. There are very good solos in this release and with a better production they could have been greatly enhanced. In “Rage”, the band shows a ‘faster’ side of things and combines the pounding bass guitar line very nicely into the mix. There are some moments that stuff feels a bit disconnected but the band quickly corrects its course.

With a bit of a Thrash edge we have ‘Cimmerian”, one of the most diverse and entertaining songs in this release. The vocals nicely go back and forth between melodic sections and all-around kick ass Heavy/Power Metal sections. If the band added more elements to this song (sometimes it sounds a bit bland), this could be a great single in a future album.

The best song in this release has to be “Forgotten Legacy”, a very effective Power Ballad that will get stuck in your head for days to come. The band’s singer goes on a very powerful emotional trip in this song and greatly enhances the overall atmosphere of the music. The vocal production in this song is very effective and greatly obscures whatever else is going on during this song. We also think that with more flair, this song could be amazing.

In general we have to say that out of the countless demos we get, “The Oracle” is one of the most entertaining ones we have received. The band has obvious talent, but it is lacking some more flair and more elements into their music. Forgotten Legacy has potential and we hope they can create more songs like “Forgotten Legacy” and “Cimmerian” in the future.

Band: Forgotten Legacy Album: The Oracle
Label: Unsigned

Release: 2009

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Power/Heavy Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 82/100

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