Mind Odyssey – Time To Change It (2009)


This band took ten years off between releases and they are surely back with a pretty good album that will attract fans of Progressive metal as well as Power / Heavy metal. The bands sound as been clearly updated to fit more recent releases of other bands of the genre. But the old school feeling is still there.

This Germans have created a pretty good release that blends Power/Heave metal with some Progressive touches. It was probably good that they had a ten year hiatus before this release, in order to get perspective on things and come up with a very good release.

This three man band provides a very dynamic sounding music that involves awesome Power metal guitars along some very Progressive influenced keyboard. Several songs feature weird guitar effects that are a perfect fit for the band’s current sound. The drums sound odd sometimes, but they are a great back drop to combine all the previously mentioned elements.

The vocals are what set this band apart in my opinion they remind me of the old school heavy metal vocalists (i.e. Tim Owens). Mario LeMole has a very nice vocal range that can achieve any sound needed in this mixture of genres. The whole album features interesting effects in either the vocals or the guitar providing a more diverse range of sounds for this release. I would definitely recommend this release to fans of Power and Heavy metal, and even Progressive metal.

Band: Mind Odyssey Album: Time To Change It
Label: Napalm Records Year: 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Progressive / Heavy Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 86/100

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