Hatesphere – To The Nines (2009)


Hatesphere comes from Denmark with an interesting release. They mix Trash Metal with some very pronounced Metalcore influences. While this is a considerable step up from their previous release, it has something missing. The music is ok but very repetitive and the vocals have been considerably improved.

This release is very good for a few songs, but after that it gets pretty dull and all interest is lost. I will admit that the music is very well made and the powerful guitars go along the elaborate drumming. The problem that I have with this release is that is good enough for 3 songs and the rest all sound the same. If you like your music to all sound the same then you will love this album.

The guitar work is pretty solid and has some memorable moments in several songs, but like I mentioned, it’s pretty repetitive and this brings the quality of the release considerable down. The drumming is very good and provides a great foundation to the music but it’s not enough to save the release. The vocals have been improved, but they are still sub-par.

Overall this band needs to improve several things before releasing an album that will take them back to their origins, or at least provide more than 3 tracks of good music.

Band: Hatesphere Album: To The Nines
Label: Napalm Records Year: 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Trash / Metalcore

Country: Denmark

Rating: 60/100

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