Augury – Concealed (2011)


Today via Sonic Unyon we have the re-release of one of the best Progressive Death Metal releases to ever come from Canada. Augury’s “Concealed” debut album was highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike back in 2004 and with this re-release we get to enjoy this masterpiece with even better sound than before.

Augury is known for their very impressive Progressive Death Metal sound that easily rivals any big-name European band of the genre. In this re-release we have the original 10 tracks featured on the 2004 edition alongside with 2 tracks from their 2006 demo that landed them a deal with Nuclear Blast Records.

With a perfect balance of technicality and brutality, this Canadian band will surely blow you away if you haven’t listened to them before. Starting with “Beatus”, the band showcases their Death Metal elements adorned with Progressive brilliance and angelic female vocals. The album turns more brutal in “…Ever Known Peace Again” and “Cosmic Migration”, but it always keeps that technical edge that will keep fans of ‘intelligent’ music at the edge of their seats.

The tempo changes through the album songs are just perfect and on songs like “Nocebo” and “Becoming God” they just make this release be more than memorable. While not all is pure brutality, the band shows in songs like “The Lair of Purity” and “From Eden Estranged” memorable acoustic passages mixed in relentless aggression.

In the bonus tracks of this release you can see some of the evolution the band went through over the years between their 2004 debut and their 2006 demo. These two songs have a more polished style and some nice influences of bands like Emperor and other highly technical bands.

For a re-release we have to say that Sonic Unyon’s edition of concealed will make you chuck away your 2004 version of this release. The sound is considerably better and the beautiful digipack is worth having in anybody’s CD collection.

Band: Augury Album: Concealed
Label: Sonic Unyon

Release: March 8th, 2011

Official Site myspace
Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 90/100

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