Fejd – Storm (2009)


Fejd provides us with a very solid debut album. This Swedish band plays folk music, with almost no elements of metal, so don’t expect distorted guitars or anything like that. The most ‘metal’ aspect of the band is probably the drumming. The bands music incorporates a wide variety of medieval instruments and they all blend to perfection, creating an album very rich in different sounds.

While I’m no expert in folk music, I can appreciate a good album when I hear one. You can clearly listen to the Hurdy-gurdie, bag pipes, and violin among several other instruments. The fusion of instruments is done to perfection creating very cohesive folk melodies that will have all the fan of medieval music dancing and chanting along the vocals.

The clean vocals give the music the epic feeling that they are shooting for, and they never get old or annoying. They complement the melody of the music perfectly. All songs are in Swedish I’m assuming, and it would be very interesting to know what they are singing about, so I’ll probably try to dig out a translation of them.

The overall musical experience provided by this album will instantly transport you to medieval times since all instruments are perfectly mixed and the keyboards are used mainly to provide more ambiance to the music.

If you are looking for a solid folk music album, this is perfectly for you. However if you only want harsh vocals, and distorted guitars laid on top of folk music, you should try another album.

Band: Fejd Album: Storm
Label: Napalm Records Year: 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Medieval Folk

Country: Sweden

Rating: 86/100

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