The Bullet Monks – Weapons Of Mass Destruction (2009)


I’m always surprised with the albums that come out of Napalm Records, since they have a wide variety of bands that play almost every genre in metal. The Bullet Monks play hard rock with some metal influences. This German band has a very interesting sound that will make anybody want to ride a Harley and hit the road.

“Weapons Of Mass Destruction” is the perfect album to be listening to in a dive bar while drinking away your problems. The overall rock and roll feel of this album, with some great guitar work will have everybody asking for more.

I usually don’t review and even like this type of music, but this band is too good to pass out on the opportunity to talk about them. The music is typical rock and roll with great groovy guitar parts and very distinctive vocals. And the weirdest thing is that the band is German, I would have never imaged that.

The music does get repetitive after a while, but this is never a bad thing if its good. The vocals are great and provide the feeling of a true hard rock band. Along with the rhythm guitars you have the perfect rock combination. There are plenty of blazing fast guitar solos in the songs as well adding more versatility to the band.

This album will instantly be on my constant rotation of non-metal music that I listen when I want to hear something different. But if you are looking for metal don’t expect this release to be brutal or anything, it’s just good rock and roll, and nothing else.

Band: The Bullet Monks Album: Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Label: Napalm Records Year: 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Rock

Country: Germany

Rating: 82/100

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