Deep-pression - 4: Void of a Morning (2009)


Finalized before their 2009 split, Polish Deep-pression treat us (or torment us, however you want to see it) with their fourth full-length release “4: Void of a Morning”. With a very experimental style, “Void of a Morning” feels like a soundtrack to acid trips gone wrong and has a very hypnotic feel to it, almost rending us into a catatonic state.

After a very traditional intro, with “Night Struggle” sets a very disturbing atmosphere with dissonant guitar licks, creepy spoken vocals, and a mind numbing (in a good way) droning feeling. While the interludes between tracks don’t help much to continue the atmosphere and flow of the album, they do provide a nice (and very short) breather between the longer 9+ minutes tracks. The rest of the tracks follow a similar atmospheric elements and spoken lyrics approach, but each one has their own creepiness to them.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, you will find almost no Metal elements in this release and due to the nature of the music; we don’t think that many Metal fans would actually appreciate this album. However, fans of Ambient and Drone release will cream themselves over this album for sure.

While the band’s previous (and later) works feature much more experimentation than this release, the whole Dark Ambient approach to things seems to work perfectly for this type of concept album. There are plenty of droning and uncomfortable atmospheric parts and when paired with the spoken lyrics, we get a truly eerie experience that might make some people very uneasy. And it’s not until the last track “All this Pain for Today” that we actually get some Black Metal-esque elements via some truly terrifying screams.

Overall, we think that Deep-pression does get the job done with this release, but fails a bit short from the ambitious conceptual goal of this album, since “4: Void of a Morning” does get to be a bit too self-involved and becomes somewhat dull at some points. We do love the overall atmosphere and some of the sections of the long tracks, but there are moments that we wanted to turn our sound system off. However, if you are a fan of music that will make you uneasy and you don’t find repetition boring, then you should definitely check this release out.

Band: Deep-pression Album: 4: Void of a Morning
Label: Valse Sinistre Prod.

Release: October 19th, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Experimental

Country: Poland

Rating: 79/100

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