Horna - Sanojesi Äärelle (2008)


Horna is one of the few black metal bands that I’ve been a fan since they where conceived and that I’ve never been disappointed with their releases. This Finish band features an all-star line up that includes members of bands that have released some of the finest albums in metal. “Sanojesi Äärelle” is a powerful release that will no doubt become a modern classic of black metal, and that will influence many bands in the scene.

The thing I like about Horna is that no matter how much time it passes, I can always trust on them to deliver brutal and raw black metal albums. Most ‘original’ Black Metal bands have been experiementing with their style of music for the last years releasing mediocre albums in the process (Darkthrone, Mayhem, etc), but not Horna, they stick to the basics and excel at it. And this double CD would put many of the previously mentioned band’s releases to shame.

The guitar riffs are simple and repetitive but powerful and intense, so there is no complaint in this department. The drumming is very furious but it’s mixed bellow the guitars and vocals so it get’s lost in some parts. The vocals is one of my favorite things of Horna, they always sound like shrieks from demons (I would image), and since they changed vocalists in 2001, they are different, but with the same level of brutality and intensity.  The song structures in not too elaborated but with the power and intensity of them, I don’t mind this at all.

This album is one of the finest examples that a band can create a simple but yet brutal and raw album, that will keep the genre alive and going strong. This is one of my top black metal albums of the year 2008, and it will have a spot in my all time albums list as well.

Band: Horna Album: Sanojesi Äärelle
Label: Moribund Records Year: 2008
Official Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 90/100

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