Wyrd - Kalivägi (2009)


Wyrd has been shaping their music over the course of its existence, and now “Kalivägi” marks their newest release with a more refined mix of Pagan Black metal with doom metal. If you are expecting the old heavier sounding Wyrd, you’ll be in for a surprise since while their music is slower they still have some of the rawness of their first releases mixed in with their slower newer stuff.

This release features a majestic combination of acoustic passages, harsh vocals, clean vocals and distorted guitars that create a depressive atmosphere like no other band has done. While the clear vocals are not the best they clearly fit into the music. Imagine listening to Tenhi with some distorted guitars and harsh vocals.

There is no weak song in this release since all of the all very different and self contained. While there are blast beats involved in one of the songs, they all have showcase Wyrd’s ability of creating good music, while staying true to some of their roots.
Other thing to mention is also the clear Doom metal influence that some passages of the songs include, something that Wyrd was leaning towards in some of their ‘newer’ previous releases. It gives an extra dimension to the band, and adds more feeling to this release. They keyboards complement the music adding ambience to some parts of the songs.

But in my opinion one of the things that keeps this release together is the greatly executed drumming. The drums allow the guitars to pick up the pace, and there are versatile enough to have nice down tempo changes mixed in between the songs.

Overall this release in my opinion is one of Wyrd’s best. But then again, what can you expect when you have a bunch of musicians that have many influences and are used to creating great music in each of their bands.

Band: Wyrd Album: Kalivägi
Label: Naga Productions Year: 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Pagan Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 87/100

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