Nachtgeschrei - Am Rande der Wel (2009)


Nachtgeschrei hails from germany and they play Folk rock/metal. This band has some clear similarities with In Extremo, but they manage to have a sound of their own. This release features a more rock oriented music, than their previous album “Hoffnungsschimmer” and while this is not necessarily bad the band might loose some followers over this.

“Am Rande der Wel” features song very catchy songs and nice mixture of metal/rock guitars with bagpipes and very distinctive vocals. The album kicks of with two great songs (after the intro): “Musipili” and “Herz aus Stein”. The rest of the songs do sound very similar, but if the music is good (like in this case), then this is not a problem. There are many parts that are perfect for sing-along moments during live performances.

I think one of this album’s problem is that the songs composition is not too elaborate since most songs follow the same formula of having a rock part then a folk part/chorus, and then repeating the same formula. While I personally don’t find this to be a problem (in folk meta/rock releases) I would image that other people won’t like this and they would harshly criticize this album because of this.

The vocals are pretty good since they sound well with the music, and they don’t get to be annoying like many other vocals in this genre.
I have to say this is a very entertaining release that kept me humming along the songs and I would definitely recommend it.

Band: Nachtgeschrei Album: Am Rande der Wel
Label: Massacre Records Year: 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Folk Rock / Meta;

Country: Germany

Rating: 83/100

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