Nightwish – Made In Hong Kong (2009)


This live CD showcases songs from “Dark Passion Play” performed in live. I was kind of disappointed that they did not include any older songs performed by Anette on this release. While this is not a problem if you have seen the band live, it would have been a nice thing for all the fans that haven’t been luck enough to see them live.

The CD features seven live tracks and 3 previously available studio tracks. While I think this CD is a must for all Nightwish fans, especially because of the DVD. I don’t think that this adds anything new to casual listeners, since all the songs are previously available and you can see countless youtube videos of the band performing live during their previous tour.

The live songs have very good recording quality and they show Anette’s vocal maturity and how well she has adapted to performing live for months at a time. All songs are superbly performed by the band, and you can hear the quality of their live performances. Nightwish is clearly not just a studio band since they bring all that you hear in the album to the live setting.

In general this CD is for die-hard fans of the band since it would make a nice addition to their collection, but for casual fans of the band it does not add anything new.

Band: Nightwish Album: Made In Hong Kong
Label: Nuclear Blast Year: 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 80/100

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