Wolves In The Throne Room – Black Cascade (2009)


After their great EP: “Malevolent Grain”, I was expecting this album to continue where the band left off in that release. And they sure did, and raise the bar to a different level. “Black Cascade” features some greatly emotional Black metal that plenty of bands wish they can achieve.

This release takes you into a dark journey mixed with aggressiveness and emotions. The sound quality is not the best out there but it clearly adds to the music and it’s probably intended this way. The four songs clock around 50 minutes, and while some of them can get to be a bit repetitive at some parts, the band makes it up by constantly changing the pace. There are no female vocals or clean vocals in this release, only harsh black metal vocals that sound excellent with the songs.

The guitar melodies vary from rhythmical to more intense typical black metal guitar work. The band’s atmosphere is created without the need of any keyboards or fancy effects, just the rawness and melody of the music is enough to take the listener out of itself.

This band has been able to score European tour’s and even festival appearences and with their music you can clearly see why, I just hope they keep improving and releasing good quality music.

Band: Behexen Album: My Soul For His Glory
Label: Southern Lord Records Year: 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 88/100

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