Brown Jenkins – Angel Eyes (2008)


Brown Jenkins was a Texan one man band. I say was because it ‘split-up’ late 2008, probably because of creative differences with the voices in his head. I must say that I don’t get this type of bands that play the same (or very similar) guitar riffs for one full album. While I’m always open to hear different types/genres of music, there are some releases that I either don’t get or just plain suck.

This album I could say it’s like modern art, only some people will get it, some others will pretend to get it, and mere mortals (like me) will just say it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Brown Jenkins attempts to fuse black metal with doom metal and end’s up with an extremely repetitive album that put me straight to sleep after listening to it three times.

I personally don’t like drone metal and this album has many influences of it. I have to recognize that it does have a nice raw old school feel to it, but it quickly fades away after listening to the same part over and over for several minutes.

In general I can see why some people would like this album, but in my opinion, I like my music to be complex and well composed, not just slapped together after finding a good riff and repeating it for the whole album.

Band: Brown Jenkins Album: Angel Eyes
Label: Moribund Records Year: 2008
Official Site myspace
Genre: Doom / Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 50/100

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