Nocturnal Fear – Code Of Violence (2008)


When I popped this album I was surprised since it took me back in time. This band’s sound reminded me of old Kreator (without the annoying vocals), and some hints of the old bay area trash metal bands. This album features 40 some minutes of intense old school metal that will keep older metal heads at peace.

The band sound is not unique, but it nicely blends influences of many bands, and they can easily be noticed during the duration of this album. The guitar riffs are very intense and go along the furious drumming perfectly. The vocals are also very good and not annoying like in some trash metal bands these days.

The band’s composition skills are pretty good since they manage to create 10 songs that are technical and don’t sound repetitive. There is never a dull moment in “Code Of Violence” and it clearly shows the band’s maturity after 3 full length albums, and almost 10 years playing together.

The album production is not very good, or maybe it’s intended this way so the band sounds more old school. Overall the album is a very solid release from a band that takes the listener to a journey through time.

Band: Nocturnal Fear Album: Code Of Violence
Label: Moribund Records Year: 2008
Official Site myspace
Genre: Death / Trash Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 81/100

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