Poois – Opera House (2010)


Every once in a while we get albums that make us listen to them over and over in order to form an actual opinion about them. After the first spin, we knew that Poois latest release “Opera House” will be one of those albums that will take more time and effort in order to properly describe and correctly inform the listener about what they should expect with such a rich and interesting release.

Hailing from New York, this band will surely turn everybody’s head around with confused and puzzled faces for at least a few minutes. After you get over the first weird impression about this album, you discover that Poois is actually one hell of a talented band that has constructed a very diverse and unique ‘sound’ that is showcased in small doses through the album’s 13 tracks. There is not really a ‘main’ influence other than the Metal aspect of the bands music, and this is also a stretch since they feature influences of Alternative Rock, Grunge, Progressive Rock, and other genres.

Describing “Opera House” as a whole is probably the impossible task since each song has its own unique personality and different musical foundations, so we will talk about a few songs and our overall impressions of the band. Starting of with “Ba-na-ba-na” the band quickly sounds like System of a Down on the chorus section, the music is aggressive and the guitar riffs are powerful and commanding.

In songs like “mlmm” the band opens with a powerful bass line, quickly changes into some heavy riffing, and then it merges into a Jazzy/Prog Rock section right before entering the chorus section. As you can see this might sound very chaotic, but the truth is that this actually works magically for Poois, since the whole album is ‘different’ we can only expect something completely random to follow.

As we mentioned before, the musicians in this release are very good since every instrument is played surgically. Although the overall feeling of the album is of a ‘Party band’ that is just having fun, making music, and talking about random things, Poois is actually a very professional sounding band that will surely grab the attention of anybody looking for interesting and different sounding bands.

Lyrically the band set’s themselves apart from the rest by talking from a quite different range of topics (including Tourettes!!). This lyrics also seem to follow the ‘random’ nature of the music, just adding more things for the listener to discover and enjoy in “Opera House”. In terms of production, this album sounds amazing and everything is mixed ‘just right’ to allow the songs to be punchy and catchy.

If you live out of the norm and like your music to be well played, catchy, and about random topics, then you will hit the jackpot by getting “Opera House”. If you are more of a genre snob, and feel that everything must be kept in one single box, then surely this album will make your ears bleed.

Band: Poois Album: Opera House
Label: Self-Released

Release: June 26st, 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 86/100

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